My First Rag Rug


Hi everyone and happy new year!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’m going to try to start this new year off on the right foot by posting more regularly.  So I’ll start the year off with showing one of my latest finishes, my first rag rug!

Rag Rug Close-upI’ll have to admit I’m not really crazy about the look of rag rugs but I got inspired by the idea of using up some of my scrap fabrics and a bit of a need for a rug.  I knew I wasn’t really going to find a rug with the colors I wanted so I figured I’d go ahead and try my hand at it.  It isn’t anything really fancy and I didn’t really follow a pattern.  I spent some time searching the Internet to get an idea of how to start and then “wung it” from there.  My only investment was buying a “P” sized crochet hook for approx $1.50.

I used 1″ strips of fabrics and joined them together by cutting slits in each end of the strips to thread each strip together.  Then I used a chain stitch to make a ring of 6 chains.  From there I did rings of single crochet and increased stitches as needed on each ring to get the rug to lay flat.  I found it best to work on a flat surface to get a feel for how the rug was laying.  Because I wanted concentric rings of color I created the fabric strips for the various colors as I went along.  Here’s a view of the front of the rug.


It may be weird but I think I actually prefer the backside of the rug.  It lays a little different and the single crochet pattern isn’t quite as obvious.


The rug itself is about 2 ft wide and it worked up pretty quickly.  I think I finished it in about 4 days.  The trickiest part of this rug was choosing the colors and making sure I had enough fabric to make each ring.  Sometimes I had to use several different fabrics for a ring, but I think it blended together nicely in the end.

Overall, I was pretty excited to get a chance to use some fabrics I had sitting around and create a cute little rug for my sewing room.  And the cats really love it too – every one of our cats has been sitting on this rug at one time or another.  Unfortunately no one wanted to get their pictures taken at picture time.  I’ll catch them one day for another project though!

Happy Swatching!

Swatch Missy 300 px-Missy

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