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Welcome to the Swatch Buddies blog! I’m Missy Azen and I’m one half of the Swatch Buddies team.  I’m a DIY’er at heart and love to to put my personal spin on my projects.

I don’t get the opportunity to spend too much time on my hobbies so that greatly influences which projects I choose to tackle, how much complexity I bring to them and the techniques I use to manage their completion. Sometimes I’ll start a quilting project only to find that I have to put it down for several weeks (or months!) before I can pick it up again. And on top of that I’m prone to make mistakes so I definitely try to “dummy-proof” what I’m doing as much as possible.

I look forward to sharing my own unique experiences with you as I try various projects. I also plan to share inspirations and stories from others as I find them. I get a lot of my inspiration and ideas online so I’m hoping you’ll feel the same way about some of the ideas shared here.

I like to think of the name and spirit of this blog as “Swatch This!”. Besides the obvious nod to our Swatch Buddies products, it also makes me think of how we use swatches. To swatch something is to basically take a little snippet of something bigger to try it out - just like how we take swatches of fabric to the store with us to see how they work with other fabrics out in the world.  In that sense I hope that some of you will be inspired to “swatch” some of the ideas in this blog to try them on for size in your world.

So “Swatch This” blog for posts about quilting, miscellaneous home dec and crafty projects, some gardening efforts and of course some ideas about using Swatch Buddies!

Happy Swatching!

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