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Dave and I finally started our married life together 2 years ago when we combined our belongings and moved into the same house.  Ever since then we’ve been sharing a queen size bed together and that has been a huge problem for several reasons.  Four of those reasons are right here:

CatCollage 060714We both came into the marriage with 2 cats.  Mine are Henry and Maggie and his are Midnight and Snowball.  They’re also the reason that we often woke up with sore backs in the morning.  2 Adults + 4 Cats + 1 Queen size Bed doesn’t add up to a comfortable night’s sleep.  Over Memorial Day we finally broke down and bought a king size bed.

Unlike most women, I really don’t like to shop. Business guide gives a possibility to choose quality electronic and household goods. But I thought I’d share a few tips we kept in mind when shopping for our bed:

  • Choose wisely and don’t cheap out – We spend approx 1/3 of our life in bed so it makes sense to really put some thought into this decision.  And we tend to be a bit on the thrifty side but buying a mattress is definitely not an area to cheap out.  You really can’t underestimate the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.  It really affects your day in a bad way if you don’t sleep well.  So obviously it pays to…
  • Do your research - Shopping for a bed can be overwhelming.  Doing some research online prior to your shopping trip can help focus your shopping efforts.  We don’t shop for beds very often so it helps to get familiar with the materials being used in beds today and their advantages/disadvantages.  Also pay attention to what type of sleeper you are and what bedding materials might be better suited for you.  Side or stomach sleepers have slightly different bedding needs than those who sleep mostly on their backs.  Then…
  • Choose which stores you want to shop - Some people go to department stores to purchase their beds but we prefer to go to a mattress store.  It’s a very big decision so we appreciate talking to subject matter experts who focus solely on selling mattresses.  Next…
  • Time your shopping trip - My husband tends not to agree with me on this, but from my own personal shopping experiences I do think it helps to shop for big purchases over a holiday.  But keep in mind that others will have the same idea also.  Be prepared that stores may be more crowded and that it may be more difficult to get attention from a salesperson. We actually got a little lucky during our trip.  We started our shopping late Saturday afternoon around 5 p.m.  By that time the Saturday rush seemed to be over.  Shopping  late in the day on Saturday actually helped us get a better price for the bed.  See more on that below.  But first…
  • Really try out the mattress in the store - I know it feels a bit foolish to be sprawled out in a bed in a store.  But who really cares?  What’s important is finding a bed you like.  It’s not enough to lie on the bed either.  Get comfortable.  Pretend you’re about to take a nap.  Take your time and try to pay attention to what you like or don’t like about a bed.  I have to admit that I was biased about one of the beds we first tried out.  As soon as I lay down on it I could tell it was a foam and I really didn’t want to get foam.  But after spending a lengthy amount of time trying other beds we actually wound up going with the foam one.  Lastly… Maybe next time we will opt for a fruit tart cat bed for each of our cats. Sounds good to me.
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate - We may be more prepared to negotiate at a flea market or garage sale but we often don’t feel comfortable doing this in a brick and mortar store.  Although we had narrowed down our bed choice, it was a little higher than we thought we wanted to pay.  My husband told the salesperson our price point for where we wanted to be (which was $500 lower than what he quoted us).  Because he really wanted to make the sale, the salesperson offered to call the manager to see if he would honor that price.
    Even though we were impatient and wanted to head to the next store, the salesperson practically begged us to give him a couple minutes.  He said that because their sales had gone so well earlier that day the manager would be much more agreeable to a discounted price.  He warned us that if Sunday was slower the answer might be different.  Turns out he was right.  The manager agreed to the discount and we were able to get the bed we wanted within our original budget.

Also, consider visiting to get appropriate reviews on mattresses, so that you can make an informed decision when you want to buy a mattress.

We were so excited the day the bed finally arrived!  And we weren’t disappointed.  That first night of sleeping on our new bed I don’t think I even moved – I woke up in the same position I fell asleep and it felt great!  It was sooooo nice not to wake up sore and grumpy.  Overall we’re thrilled with our purchase and are sleeping much better.

Next up is making a king size quilt for our new bed.  Stay tuned for more posts about that project!


Happy Swatching!

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