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I’ve been really busy lately so haven’t been able to post as much as I’d like.   One of the main reasons for that is that Swatch Buddies had a booth at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago this past weekend!  So obviously that meant a lot pre-show prep, travel and working the show.  It was a lot of work but I’m really glad we went.  We met lots of great customers and told lots of new people about our products.  It’s always fun to see how excited people get about our products so I wish we had more time to meet people like that!

Now that we’re back I thought I’d share a sneak peak of the scrappy king size quilt project I’m working on right now.  I’ll be posting more about this in the upcoming weeks.  First, here’s a glimpse of some of my color combinations.  There are three colors per block so that’s why I’ve got my fabrics laid out in bundles of three.

WIP ColorsI’ve been pleasantly surprised that I’ve been piecing my blocks pretty quickly.  As a result I’ve worked through quite a bit of my stash in these colors.  Although that was pretty cool it also meant I needed to do some more shopping!  So I made up some Swatch Buddies rings.  Here’s a “before” picture of my swatches in the darker/more saturated colors:

Swatches BeforeAnd here’s a picture of my “after” with some of my purchases.  I made a quick trip to one of my local quilt shops (Capital Quilts here in MD) before hitting the Festival in Chicago (had to squeeze in some shopping time there too!)  You can see the saturated colors on the left-hand side and the paler colors on the right.

Swatches AfterI haven’t gotten up the nerve yet to take live pics in the store to show actually shopping with my swatches.  I’d love to take pics of some of the fabrics I auditioned with my swatches that weren’t quite right for what I had in mind.  But I can tell you that I definitely made different fabric purchases with my swatches than I would have made otherwise.  You can see in this next picture that I have quite a few paler yellows, oranges and greens.  Those seem pretty easy to find.  What I really needed to fill out were my purples, pinks and blues.  I didn’t have luck with the purples but I did get some pinks and blues.  (Some of my other blues are shown in the pic above.)

Light SwatchesIn all, I probably spent about $65 in fabric purchases.  That’s not an enormous amount of money, but it definitely makes me feel better that I made smart fabric choices.  I’m thrilled I have enough fabric now so that I can complete the rest of my scrappy project and help fill in used parts of my stash again.  I’ll be posting more about my current quilt project next week.  Until then…

Happy Swatching!

Swatch Missy 300 px-Missy

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